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Metalen houten standaard

What is Antwerp Design Week? 

ADW offers a fresh design experience for professionals, such as retailers, hospitality experts, interior designers, and architects.

Brands open their HQs and temporary ADW-locations in and around Antwerp, creating inspiring hubs.

​Think of ADW as your professional city trip, where you'll meet trusted and new quality partners spanning from furniture to art,

while discovering all that Antwerp has to offer from culture to fashion.

How and where can Young Creatives participate? 

Several locations in the city will be available where young creatives can establish themselves with 3 to 4 other young creatives.

We aim to attract young creatives who settle in 'mid- to high segment' areas.


As ADW is a curated event, young creatives will need to fill in a request form to introduce themselves.

Why does ADW offer a place to young creatives?

Young creatives can offer significant added value to our visitors.

During Antwerp Design Week, we want to provide the opportunity to discover new talents and fresh perspectives.

As an organization, we believe in cross-pollination.
Antwerp Design Week can make a significant difference for a young entrepreneur, and vice versa.

Young Creatives can provide ADW with a new approach, and we, as experienced entrepreneurs, can offer assistance and connections.

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