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- a restaurant dinner at 'Madonna'
- a restaurant dinner at 'Fiera'
- an overnight stay at
Sapphire House Antwerp*

during your visit to Antwerp Design Week 2024.

*1 double room for 1 night 

Discover 'Madonna'

Madonna is there for those who enjoy a quick bite, lunch, or a refined dinner, accompanied by a delightful glass of wine, local beer, or a tasty coffee. For Antwerp locals and day trippers. For art lovers and bon vivants. In short, Madonna is there for everyone who collects beautiful moments.

Discover 'Fiera'

"Fiera" in Italian means "the better fair" and refers to our magical location: The enchanting Schippersbeurs and Handelsbeurs in Antwerp. But it also means proud. We are proud to welcome our guests for a unique experience: we take them on a journey through our honest cuisine with influences from around the world, a cosmopolitan decor, and atmospheric music.

Discover 'Sapphire House Antwerp'

In the vibrant city centre of Antwerp,  Sapphire House Antwerp is much more than a hotel. It exudes the character and spirit of hundreds of years of trade. This 16th century landmark that breathes the history of the Golden Age of Antwerp, now accommodates the prestigious 5-star Marriott International hotel.


Here, you become part of a precious and brilliant experience. A place where you connect with the timelessness and atmosphere of the building, immerse in its invigorating and radiant spirit, and surrender to its history. Enjoy the high standard of luxury and warm hospitality that awaits you.

Discover Antwerp Design Week

Antwerp Design Week unfolds in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium, offering a unique showcase of renowned Belgian and international brands. Unlike traditional trade shows, this event takes you beyond booth limits, allowing you to explore complete showrooms, warehouses, and offices, providing an immersive brand experience.

Antwerp, a vibrant metropolis in miniature, adds allure with its distinctive architecture, rich culture, exquisite cuisine, and lively nightlife.


Antwerp Design Week is more than a professional event; it's a brief escape, seamlessly merging work and pleasure. It is your professional citytrip.

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