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Win an overnight stay* at
'august antwerp'
during your visit to Antwerp Design Week 2024.

*1 double room for 1 night

Winner will be announced

April 2024.

Discover 'august antwerp'

A former Augustinian convent becomes a modern-day sanctuary that embodies its sacred soul while charming one and all with modernist touches in every intricate detail.

The hotel is located in the Green Quarter. This area is known for a pedestrian-only luxury development on the site of a large 19th-century former military hospital complex. It is located right next to PAKT, an exciting repurposed industrial site housing a melting pot of creative businesses in renovated warehouses, with an ambitious rooftop city farming project.

Also nearby is the Zurenborg area – with its stunning Art Nouveau and fin de siècle-style mansions -, The De Koninck brewery – a family-run business that has been brewing the local beer “bolleke” since 1833 -, and the main ring road. The Jane, a two-star Michelin restaurant, is located in the former hospital chapel at the center of the complex’s ensemble.

This is the place to be at during Antwerp Design Week!

Discover Antwerp Design Week

Antwerp Design Week unfolds in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium, offering a unique showcase of renowned Belgian and international brands. Unlike traditional trade shows, this event takes you beyond booth limits, allowing you to explore complete showrooms, warehouses, and offices, providing an immersive brand experience.

Antwerp, a vibrant metropolis in miniature, adds allure with its distinctive architecture, rich culture, exquisite cuisine, and lively nightlife.


Antwerp Design Week is more than a professional event; it's a brief escape, seamlessly merging work and pleasure. It is your professional citytrip.

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