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Antwerp Design Week

Your professional citytrip.


ADW offers a fresh design experience for professionals, such as retailers, hospitality experts, interior designers, and architects. Brands open their HQs and temporary ADW-locations in and around Antwerp, creating inspiring hubs.

Think of ADW as your professional city trip, where you'll meet trusted and new quality partners spanning from furniture to art, while discovering all that Antwerp has to offer from culture to fashion.

To enhance your Antwerp Design Week experience, we prioritize convenience. We offer hotel and restaurant recommendations, facilitate transportation with car rentals and free options, and divide the city into five districts for easier navigation. Think of it as a professional city trip, and our website and app as your city guide. Your journey is our priority, and we're here to make it as convenient as possible.


Antwerp Design Week connects not only top design companies but also the beautiful city of Antwerp with its best restaurants and shops. Visitors can stroll through the city between showroom visits and fully experience what Antwerp Design Week has to offer.


This is where stories come to life, collaborations thrive, and visitors embark on an unforgettable journey through the world of design.

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