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Your ADW adventure begins with the transport choice

that suits you best. 

- your own (rental) car or our convenient transport options -

Arriving in Antwerp is easy as 

all international and intercity trains stop at Antwerp Central Station

and two major Belgian airports are only a 45 minute and 15-minute drive away. Both airports are easily accessible by public transport, taxi or car.

Own transportation


With the option to book transportation, we still recommend arriving by your own (rental) car for a smooth connection.

Park your car in front of every showroomdoor in district North, East, South and West and navigate smoothly with our mobile app. 

At district Dowtown, we recommend taking a citybike (get a free daypass at 'The Club' or book a shuttle for your own convenience.

Pre-book shuttles


Plan your trip down to the last detail by

pre-booking your shuttles well in advance. Simply book your shuttle(s) for the desired departure time(s), specify your starting point(s) and destination(s) on our platform, and prepare for seamless transportation during Antwerp Design Week.


Book your shuttles here. 

Bike around


Receive a free daypass for the citybikes at 'The Club'. 

With this daypass you can visit all the companies in Downtown you wish. Locate the Velo stations with the Velo-app near the companies you wish to visit throughout the city. Conveniently park at a station near the company and pick a new bike at this station when leaving.

Book your rental car


Do you want to visit the showrooms and travel at your own convenience but you are not able to bring your own car? Our partner Hertz made up special lowered prices for visitors of Antwerp Design Week.


Book your rental car here.  

Book-on-spot taxis

antwerp tax.jpg

Antwerp Tax is our partner during Antwerp Design Week.

Arrive at your destination, alert the taxi for your next stop, explore at your leisure, and be promptly picked up for your next adventure.

Book your taxi here.

Book your private chauffeur

Autodeur openen

Our collaboration with Get Driven offers Antwerp Design Week visitors an exclusive private chauffeur service. Through this partnership, visitors can book private chauffeurs for their own vehicles or rental cars, allowing them to travel comfortably and conveniently around the city. Use the discount code ANT-ADW2024 and benefit from special discounts.



Book your private chauffeur here. 

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