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What is Antwerp Design Week?

Antwerp Design Week unfolds in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium, offering a unique showcase of renowned Belgian and international brands. Unlike traditional trade shows, this event takes you beyond booth limits, allowing you to explore complete showrooms, warehouses, and offices, providing an immersive brand experience. It showcases Antwerp as the global design capital that it is. 


Antwerp, a vibrant metropolis in miniature, adds allure to this event with its distinctive architecture, rich culture, exquisite cuisine, and lively nightlife.

Antwerp Design Week is more than a professional event; it's a brief escape, seamlessly merging work and pleasure. It is your professional citytrip.

What is unique about this? 

ADW is the solution to the growing demand for highlighting quality design, offering a complete experience to the B2B community.

  • Convenience of many brands together - one visit and one trip to discover a lot of new brands in their own Headquarters is the perfect way to save time.

  • Personal guidance in the showrooms gives a feeling of trust.

  • A wonderful way to get to know Antwerp: the hidden gem of Europe.

Why does this event take place at several locations?

To provide visitors with the complete experience of discovering design, we believe it's essential to invite buyers, architects, and design professionals directly to the heart of the brands themselves, whether it's their headquarters or shops.

With approximately 25 locations spread across 5 districts in and around Antwerp, attendees have ample opportunities to explore and engage.

What sets this event apart is the unique synergy that occurs between different brands. Brands with headquarters in Antwerp graciously host other brands, fostering a beautiful cross-pollination and making the experience all the more compelling for visitors. This approach allows attendees to gain insights into brands in a completely different light, while also ensuring high-quality visits throughout the event.

Where does ADW take place?
How do I plan my tour?

How do I plan my trip to Antwerp Design Week?

Decide which days you want to attend ADW and explore the participating design brands and events on the official website.


1- Get Your Tickets: Purchase tickets from April for the days you plan to attend. 

2- TransportPlan your travel to Antwerp, whether it's by car, train, or other transportation methods. Find out more about our partnerships with Hertz rental cars

3- Accommodation: Book your accommodation in Antwerp in advance to ensure you have a place to stay in the wonderful partners hotels of ADW during your visit.

4- Navigation : When arrived in Antwerp you move around to visit companies in their own headquarters, pop-ups or flagship stores located in one of our 5 districts. Navigate between locations effortlessly by using the ADW mobile app with your own transportation, or enjoy the convenience of our complimentary ADW transport options!

5 - Explore Design Brands: On the day of your visit, explore the various design brands and events happening throughout the 5 districts. We recommend travelling one district at the time.

6 - Attend Events: Attend any events, workshops, or exhibitions that interest you. Check the schedule for timings and locations.

7 - Enjoy the Experience: Immerse yourself in the world of design, interact with designers and artists, and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Antwerp Design Week.

8 - Share Your Experience: Share your ADW experience on social media using the official hashtags and tag Antwerp Design Week to connect with other attendees and share your highlights.

How to visit Antwerp Design Week? 

Exhibitions are open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Since ADW is a B2B event, registration is required to gain access to the various locations you want to visit. After registration, you will recieve a personal QR code that you can use at the entrance of the different showrooms. 

how to book my showrooms?
how to travel beweens showrooms?

How to travel between showrooms?

Explore Antwerp Design Week at your own pace with convenient transportation options tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer the flexibility of your own (rental) car, the ease of pre-booked shuttles, the convenience of taxis, or the eco-friendly option of Velo bikes, we've got you covered. From designated parking areas to special offers with partners like Hertz and Antwerp Tax, we ensure seamless travel experiences for all attendees. Stay tuned for more details on how to plan your transportation during ADW 2024!

Is there one central point?

'The Club' is the central place of Antwerp Design Week, where you can find information about all participating brands and  where you are welcome around the clock to network, enjoy a coffee, and more.


Don't know where to start your trip? Stop by our central point and discover all the brands in one room. 

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