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Mon Dada

Mon Dada is renowned for its unique and handmade (scented) candles, cast in original concrete casings. Our collections encompass indoor and outdoor candles, as well as associated derivative products such as diffusers and concrete lamps. Positioned within the luxury segment, our products stand out due to their distinctive character and artisanal style, coupled with refined finishing.

All our concrete pots, diffusers, lamps, and more are meticulously handcrafted in our own studio, employing a unique artisanal approach. They are then carefully filled and finished with natural wax blends and blended with sophisticated scents, resulting in a uniquely designed end product. A Mon Dada product is immediately recognizable by its distinctive appearance and enticing fragrance. Mon Dada products stimulate the senses.

Address during ADW

Simon de Heuvellaan 1, Wijnegem, België





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