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THESHAW (Shaw Liu)

Shaw Liu is skilled in exploring the balance between science, mathematics, phys-ics, and other professions and art, pursuing the coexistence of reason and emo-tion on the aesthetic scale of oneself, and integrating philosophical and spir-itual thoughts. Representative works include spiritual places, SANCTUARY、OCEAN FLAME and other lighting installations, as well as FUTURE VESTIAGE and other decorative furniture works.
THESHAW is the private studio brand created by Shaw Liu in 2017. It aims to shape new styles in aesthetic and conception with modern perspectives using ordinary materials and finest craftsmanship, to describe the spirit and artistry of the works in the frame of freedom and minimalism, and to create exquisite and contemporary visual installation, while embodying her understanding of the divine thinking and spiritual world.
Shaw Liu created the private art studio and the art brand “THESHAW” in 2017.
She has been creating new mannerism works combining modern aesthetic perspectives with various thinkings. The brand is a fusion of future, spatial and three-dimensional ele-ments, and spares no effort to express the feeling of divinity, spirituality, and reli-gion.

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Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai 12, Antwerpen, België


HUB 12


Project - Retail

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+86 13560234833


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