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MEW x Qian Jing

About Q.Jing Studio
Q.Jing Studio is a graphic design studio based in Shanghai.
With the blurring of identity and the disappearance of geographical boundaries, we pay more attention to the visual language itself. The humorous, unique, and random daily details are our creative motivation and language. In 2016, Q.Jing Studio created the MEW handmade rug brand, hoping to use contemporary graphic language to integrate traditional handmade crafts to create new functionality with attention to the environment and a more interesting, unexpected, and experimental way.

About MEW
MEW is a cutting-edge, handmade rug brand. The intention of MEW’s setup is to link the independence of graphics and functionality of the rug in a more interesting, unexpected and borderless way which is based on the preservation of craftsmanship. This is in order to offer a brand new concept and experience to the new generation of rug lovers and collectors. All MEW’s rugs are handmade in India, Nepal, and China, giving respect to the time spent by craftsmen during each process as we pay attention to the impact the materials have on the environment. We use natural materials, such as pure New Zealand wool, black yak wool, mulberry silk, bamboo silk, banana silk, cotton, and also recycled inventory wool, undyed natural wool. Our techniques include hand knotted, hand woven, hand loomed, and a hand tufted process which by using these techniques, MEW explores many new methods and mixes up the over all techniques to create infinite possibilities with these different materials.

Address during ADW

Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai 12, Antwerpen, België


HUB 12


Project - Retail

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+86 186 0163 4636


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