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Caroline Voet

Architect Caroline Voet designs simple yet poetic atmospheres, including time, proportion and materiality in the design process. Her architecture grows from the creative connection between places, their play between light and textures, and the way they are used and touched.
Architecture can change things, and beauty has a social impact. Starting from this believe that space influences its users, Caroline Voet and her studio enroll every project as a research into interwoven layers that superimpose strong geometrics with a soft gentle hapticity. Crossing borders between public and exceptional private commissions, Voet infuses the small, haptic scale of touch and rituals as a reinforcement of a context and its existing qualities. The Studio envisions life as an exciting adventure full of curiosity and connections alternated with moments of contemplation.

The development of furniture pieces has always been part of this story of discovery. Cultural projects as interiors for Arts Centre De Singel or the museum of Het Letterenhuis inspire tailor-made functional objects to become part of the family. Since 20 years Caroline Voet built up an expertise in this smallest bodily scale, combining a creative playfulness, durable materials and local craftsmanship. Designed with ‘the eye of the architect’, every piece has a spatial functionality and an exceptional detailing.

During Antwerp Design Week, the LOBSTER bench will be launched, as a tribute to her father who passed away in April 2024.

Address during ADW

Lange Winkelhaakstraat 3, Antwerpen, België


HUB Winkelhaak


Project - Retail

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+32 478 33 55 23


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