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Atelier Leda

Leda Devoldere is a Belgian Textile designer, born in 1993, based in Gent.
After graduating as a master in textile design at KASK, school of Arts, she founded ATELIER LEDA:
a multiple, vivid colour design studio, focussing on textiles within design, interior, art and the in betweens.
Leda offers some readymade textile objects like the VELD, LINES & RECTO VERSO collection.
Beside that, she works on custom made tufted carpets and works with collaborations and bespoke projects as a freelance designer.
All projects are the result of drawings and collages where Leda searches for an interesting balance of colorful combinations and abstract line compositions.
These are carefully translated into textiles such as knitted piece and tufted rugs. Her work has a certain playful and colorful outcome that fits Leda’s style and character.
All knitted pieces are produced in Belgium. The custom made tufted rugs are produced in Portugal.

Address during ADW

Lange Winkelhaakstraat 3, Antwerpen, België


HUB Winkelhak


Project - Retail

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