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We divided our brands in home-deco, furniture, mixed collection or niche. In this way you can discover the brands that you will likely love most!

2/06/2024 - 7/06/2024
Showrooms in and around Antwerp


How to get to every showroom, how to get in touch with the brands, where to stay in Antwerp, how to plan my trip most efficiently?

Find all information bellow.

Image by Rúben dos Santos

How to get to Antwerp?

Aantwerp is easily accessible by plane, by car and by train.


How to travel between showrooms?

We recommend coming by car, by shuttle or by taxi. 

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Where to stay in Antwerp?

Take a look at our participating hotels and enjoy a discount!


How to plan your trip most efficiently?

Plan your trip time efficient by usting our districts. 

restaurant Interior

Where to enjoy food? 

Take a look at our participating restaurants and enjoy a discount.


What's the duration of a showroom visit?

It depends. Take a look at our suggestions.

Image by Nathan De Fortunato

Things to do in Antwerp

Antwerp offers a captivating blend of rich history and vibrant contemporary culture, making it a must-visit destination


Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes you do! Find the instructions here.

All our participating brands listed by alphabet.

Discover all of our brands by district. We have 4 districts located in and around Antwerp. Within these districts we also pointed out where to eat, sightsee and much more. 

Have an overview of all the companies, restaurant, hotels, hubs, and much more! 

Interested in a particular branche? We divided our brands in 4 branches: home-deco, furniture, mixed collection or niche. In this way you can discover the brands that you will likely love most!


all of our brands in 30 minutes

The central place of Antwerp Design Week where every brand shows one object and where you are welcome around the clock to network, enjoy a coffee, ... Don't know where to start your trip? Stop by our central point and discover all the brands in one room. 

Ceramic Shop

D.W House



Reykjavik, Iceland


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Metalen houten standaard

What is Antwerp Design Week? 

ADW offers a fresh design experience for professionals, such as retailers, hospitality experts, interior designers, and architects.

Brands open their HQs and temporary ADW-locations in and around Antwerp, creating inspiring hubs.

​Think of ADW as your professional city trip, where you'll meet trusted and new quality partners spanning from furniture to art,

while discovering all that Antwerp has to offer from culture to fashion.

How and where can Young Creatives participate? 

Several locations in the city will be available where young creatives can establish themselves with 3 to 4 other young creatives.

We aim to attract young creatives who settle in 'mid- to high segment' areas.


As ADW is a curated event, young creatives will need to fill in a request form to introduce themselves.

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