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At Vitra, we believe that environments shape our thoughts and feelings, whether we are at home, at work or on the go. We work every day to better our surroundings through the power of design. A family business in its third generation, Vitra follows an environmental, cultural and commercial mission.
Environmental consciousness finds expression in every aspect of Vitra’s work. It is manifested in how Vitra develops and manufactures its products, in the sourcing of raw materials and the organization of its supply chain. Every new insight is regarded as an opportunity for further development.

The Vitra Home Collection encompasses furniture, lighting and accessories for private
interiors, including such well-known classics as the Eames Lounge Chair and the Panton
Chair, as well as numerous pieces by contemporary designers. The Vitra Home Collection
follows the principle of collage – the idea that a vibrant living space is not achieved by
conforming to a unified plan, but rather gains character through a mix of old and new,
high and low, classic and contemporary.

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Sint-Antoniusstraat 12, 2000 Antwerpen




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+32 2 725 84 00


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