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Kewlox, the iconic storage furniture, means a lot to the Belgians.
We make customisable items that are renowned for their durability.

Our story began in 1960 in the family garage. Since then, our range of customisable modular furniture has continued to evolve to meet our customers' needs and our commitment to sustainability.

Today, all our furniture is still carefully manufactured in our own factory in Belgium, using European raw materials sourced as closely as possible, and is PEFC certified. We sell them on and in our 4 shops.

From the living room to the basement and from the bedroom to the office, we have a solution for every room. Our configurator allows you to design your own cabinets, but our strength lies in advising and supporting you personally throughout your project, whether B2C or B2B, right up to assembly if required.

Spare parts are sold separately to ensure a long service life.

Address during ADW

Sint-Michielskaai 28,
2000 Antwerpen




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+32 3 237 46 48


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