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No holding back, we went completely with our gut when creating and visualising the collection for Additions 2024. Resulting in uncompromising design, exciting statement pieces and a good dose of fun!

We are endlessly inspired by the past and its nostalgic good vibes.
When designing this collection, we really went back in time and started looking around carefully. We developed a soft spot for vintage finds, ultra-retro styles and funky objects. It became a collection for
70s lovers with the courage to go all the way and get excited about interiors that truly make a statement.

HKliving is a Dutch interior brand founded by Emiel Hetsen and Sander Klaver. At the base we create accessible collections with products inspired by traditional and useable designs while respecting its history, but always to give it a modern look and feel.

Address during ADW

Antwerpsestraat 14, 2850 Boom, België




Retail - Project - Hospitality


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