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Gardeco Objects

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Gardeco Objects can be considered an art publisher, specialized in handcra􀅌ed decora􀆟ve design objects, who partners with both upcoming and renowned designers and ar􀆟sts from all corners of the world. Gardeco’s main objec􀆟ve is to introduce art and design to a broader audience through the world’s most exclusive interior stores, renowned museum shops, art galleries, architects and interior designers. Not only does the company vouch for ar􀆟s􀆟c crea􀆟vity, but also for sustainability and the wellbeing of communi􀆟es by suppor􀆟ng local projects.

Each Gardeco-product is manufactured in small family owned studios worldwide who understand the importance of a sustainable and ethical produc􀆟on process. They are made by the hands of skilled cra􀅌smen who use small batch produc􀆟on techniques. Tradi􀆟onal manufacturing methods combined with contemporary experimental approaches result in high quality, one-of-a-kind-products that meet any aesthe􀆟cal and technical requirement.

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Simon De Heuvellaan 1, 2310 Wijnegem




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+32 50 82 77 62


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