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creates beautiful furniture and decorative objects that are the foundation for people’s homes, to inspire the stories of their lives.​

For twenty-five years, we have been creating timeless furniture from solid wood. We love that it evolves with the years as it carries the marks of the life that happens to it. As it is incredibly strong and ages well with time, we believe wood is what makes our furniture the solid and dependable foundation of a home. In a world where trends change from one year to the next, we want to create design that will last for generations. Our timeless designs associate well with different styles, while our solid wood is strong and ages incredibly well with time. The ultimate noble and renewable material, all of our wood is sourced from responsibly and carefully managed forests. Our Teak collection also includes products certified as FSC® 100% which are clearly labelled in the catalogue.

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Scheldeweg 5, Boom




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+32 3 443 01 00


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